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What Is Anavar And Why Is It Illegal In Australia?

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Everyone wants to look attractive and appealing. Some people are more interested in investing in apparels and accessories, and spend time in malls and showrooms, spending money on expensive designer items. There are others who prefer building, and maintaining, a good physique, and go to beauty parlors, salons and gyms. You must be familiar with Arnold Schwarzenegger, the iconic Hollywood superstar, who went on to become the Governor of California. It all started with bodybuilding, which turned a lanky boy into the inspiration for millions of bodybuilders and wannabe stars across the world. So, star’s the limit if you are lucky and hard working.

Why is Anavar illegal in Australia?

Anavar, also known as Oxandrolone, is a synthetically developed testosterone (male hormone). Testosterone is the primary male hormone, which induces muscle growth, mass and strength. It is quite effective in gaining weight and strength in medical scenarios where a person has been diagnosed with a chronic illness that causes muscular atrophy and weight loss. It also provides great results during cutting cycles to achieve a ripped physique that is well toned. It also helps in increasing athletic performance and burn excess body fat. It is seemingly a good choice for gaining lean muscles and to get the cutting you desire. But it is not a good choice if you are a citizen of Australia. This anabolic androgenic steroid is illegal to possess in Australia without a prescription.

Anavar in Australia

Trafficking of anabolic androgenic steroids is at its peak in the world right now. Penalties and fines are increasing for anyone who is found possessing or selling such drugs illegally. The Australian Institute of Criminology has divided steroids and its uses into three specific categories:

  • Human use (For medical treatment, with a prescription, supervised by a certified and licensed physician)
  • For veterinary use (a number of steroids that are no longer approved for human use are still approved to be used in veterinary medical scenarios)
  • Those manufactured or produced illegally

Dangers of purchasing an illegal drug from the black market

If you are in real need for a drug, and are seeking it without a prescription, you must be very careful and approach the seller with caution. The major risk is in ending up with fake or expired Anavar, which gives no results at best and may even have serious negative side effects. So be cautious before you make a purchase.