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The Fabulous Places to Visit in Batam Riau Island

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Have you got any plan to spend your holiday? If you have not, it is actually so much recommended for you to take a vacation in batam riau island. The reason why you have to go to this particular city is because it can offer you various fabulous places that you have to visit during your holiday. Then, do you really find out what those great places in Batam of Riau Island you have to visit are? In case you do, it will be better if you keep reading below!

Well, here are the various places that can make your fabulous vacation in batam riau island, which are like:

  • Balerang Bridge

The first of many places that you have to visit when you want to spend your spare time in Batam in Riau Island is Balerang Bridge. This specific bridge, which connects three different islands such as Batam, Galang, and Rempang, has been the most iconic landmarks in Batam that you cannot miss at all. The best thing that you can find when you visit this awesome bridge is that it can offer you the panoramic view of the sea and the wonderful sunset view. Both of these sceneries will definitely please your eyes in the best way possible.

  • Nongsa Beach Batam

The second destination that you have to visit when you are in Batam, Riau Island is Nongsa Beach Batam. This amazing beach can definitely show you the mesmerizing and jaw dropping scenery that you will instantly love so much. Aside of that, there are so numerous options of resort and golf fields that you can choose. All of them have been made based on the international standards, so that they can provide you the best services that suit your requirements and expectations in the most perfect way possible. So, you can really make sure that your vacation will be so great as long as you spend your time there.

  • Smilling Hill Batam

Furthermore, the other fabulous place that you must visit when you have a holiday in Batam, Riau Island it Smiling Hill Batam. This exotic hill can show you the fantastic and astonishing scenery especially if you can reach the top of the hill. There will be the spectacular views of the buildings in Singapore and the ships that sail across the island to Singapore. You can enjoy all of them while you are getting relaxed on the grass or on the bench you will find easily on the hill. Even better, you can still find the more interesting views of all of them when the night has come. The light that comes from the building and the ships will definitely make you feel amazed and happy at once.

In conclusion, those are some of the fabulous places to visit in batam riau island. Each of those places will definitely make you have the distinctive and hard to forget experiences that you cannot find in other cities.Thus, it is so obvious that spending your time there can never be something you will regret.