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ezTalks : the development direction of the video conference industry

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Mobile becomes a trend:

According to statistics, 450 million people in the domestic mobile office army. On the surface, this is a very large market area. But this in the 450 million people, the application of the number of video collaboration may be less than 1%, so this market is a market to be nurtured.

For a long time, video vendors have a desire to break out of the conference room during the R & D, application and implementation process: extending audio and video collaboration outdoors to provide mobile video collaboration solutions for customer needs. Therefore, the convenience, speed is to measure the program to provide manufacturers strength and the merits of the program standards. Users from the traditional conference room extended to the outside, allowing users to anytime, anywhere with the remote mobile video collaboration.

If in the wisdom of the city scene, if an incident occurred, through the mobile solution can be the event of video information quickly and real-time transmission to the control center. This will also play an important role in the management of manufacturing enterprises. It can break the limitations of traditional information feedback, allowing production monitoring personnel without having to pass a lot of abstract data analysis, but through the intuitive and convenient video presentation to keep abreast of the real-time status of the production site.

While the scope of application of mobile office is even broader. With the intensification of competition in the market, the senior management personnel and technology of the manufacturing enterprises, the market staff often frequently go out to visit the customers, and the opportunity to meet in the enterprise with less and less, and the manufacturing industry more and more emphasis on collaboration, Mobile video collaboration to communicate, communication is a very timely, efficient and practical and convenient choice.

2, cloud platform becomes the support

Cloud video collaboration will also be an important direction for future development. Virtualization of the solution deployed to the cloud, serving the customer business, video vendors are thinking about hot issues. Cloud service providers need to add cloud loading value-added services, and truly serve customers, cloud service providers must think about.

In terms of domestic applications, this piece of market development prospects. According to statistics, there are 47 million small and medium enterprises in China, the number of applications in which video collaboration is very small. Mainly due to the following two factors: lack of funds; lack of platform maintenance of technical personnel.

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