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3 times when you regret leaving your parents home

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Leaving home is something we have to do sooner or later. Some of us have been wanting to do it since we can remember and others, nevertheless have to be kicked out by their parents when they are about thirty.

In my case, I ran away from my parents’ house as fast as I could. That desire for freedom and for having a space of my own where the laws of my parents wouldn’t reign led me to live with friends since I was 18 years old. Something wonderful and totally recommendable for everyone, really.

Of course, there are certain times when you miss the convenience and ease of living in your parents’ home. Today we are going to compile three of those moments where you say “Why did I go?”

When you eat four Döner Kebabs a week

When you leave home you realize that maintaining a balanced, healthy and forceful diet is an incredible planning exercise. Going to the groceries, having all the necessary ingredients and the imagination not to eat bolognese spaghettievery day…

In addition to the planning you also need time! A lot of time!If you are those who arrive home at eleven o’clock at night and discover that the fridge is empty… The döner kebab next to your house will become your mother and the quality of your food will plummet.

When your roommate doesn’t lend you more money

When living with your parents you can always count with that “emergency money” when needed. When you live away from home you will continue to be just as broke at the end of the month, so you have two options; Or you organize your expenses so that you arrive to the end of the month with some savings or you better keep a nice relationship with your roommate so that you canborrow him some money.

Anyway, if you know how to send money instantly nowadays, it will be easier in case you are in an emergency situation and you need an instant transfer from your family or friends.

When the water boiler breaks

If you just moved with your friends to an old apartment I have something to tell you. Sooner or later thewater boilerwill break, there is nothing you can do to avoid it, it will break and that’s all.

And when that happens my friend, you’ll have to heat water in a pan in the kitchen and then through it over yourself in the shower while you tremble, cry and ask Where’s my mom?

Actually there are many more times you’ll miss your parents’ house once you leave. But no matter how hard these moments are it’s always worth starting this adventure. Actually it’s the only way to become an autonomous and independent person. With all that this entails.